La Mia Storia
Il Mio Business

How many times have we changed our way when we tried on the field that we didn’t belong? Even for me it was like that and I’ll tell you my story ..

I chose a high school for trade because I was convinced that working in an office was my greatest aspiration: hours and hours in front of the PC, lots of papers to look at, accounts to balance, to have a good salary and many friends.

It was the end of the 90s that accounting analysts went away like bread, so as soon as I graduated I immediately found a great opportunity for the summer, in the accounting firm of my country. It didn’t seem real, my dream job close to home.

I still remember that the week before we started, I went shopping with my mother because I wanted to be ready and feel professional even in my outfit . After all, I was stopping as a student and entering the world of work!

Do you know how long you resisted? Three days!

But how could I, who love contact with people, stay 8 hours without talking to anyone?

That job took away my smile and I went into crisis because I had invested 5 years of training and a career that in my head had to be perfect.

After yet another cry I talked to my family and I followed my heart. I enrolled at the university, address pedagogy, degree in education sciences.

I saw my colleagues who came from the humanities to give exams at the speed of light, while I did not know much about pedagogy, psychology, philosophy. I rolled up my sleeves and started attending courses, studying.

Asking for help and no sacrifice was worth the joy this path was giving me.

After the first two years, the internship started and also in this context my desire prevailed to get involved and learn about the reality of the social, physical disabled, very serious psychiatrists, autism, drug addiction and rest home.

“Being among the last and giving them relief made me feel useful and made sense of my existence.

Once I graduated, I immediately started working in a day center for people with severe physical disabilities and Wow .. the first real contract with a cooperative that allowed me to think calmly about my future.

In this period I know the man of my life, in a couple of years we get married and in 2008 Riccardo is born, the child so much desired .

Since I became a mother, all my priorities have been changed and the required working hours are no longer compatible with my desire to be present in my family.

I make a difficult decision and I quit because I am being offered as an educator in a nursery school in another cooperative.

A dream to be able to work with small children, making a compatible timetable and managing to manage Riccardo with the help of grandmothers.

After two contract renewals comes the long-awaited long-term that allows us to fulfill our dream of enlarging our family: in 2014 Damiano arrives and with him the most challenging moment ever lived.

During the pregnancy, my mother-in-law gets sick and undergoes a serious and large operation and consequent therapy, my husband starts a period of redundancy for zero hours (and therefore zero money) .. ok, I return to work first and do not think about it anymore.

Instead surprise!

The nest is sold to a cooperative, nobody cares about its employees, so I found myself without a job for an indefinite time!

I hate self-pity and I immediately got going.

Do you know what my degree is for?

Going to babysitting in families , doing repetitions of school subjects, rearranging the homes of women who were going to work.

Oh well, at least we ate and we had a dignified life even with 1000 sacrifices.

In this period so black begins to see the post “strange” on facebook, women who work from home, satisfied that they could take away some whim or distort their lives but I knew so much rip-off.

In this period so black begins to see the post “strange” on facebook, women who work from home, satisfied that they could take away some whim or distort their lives but I knew so much rip-off.

And yet the people I followed seemed to me to be good and respectable and I had to admit that they intrigued me .

I took courage and asked for information. I immediately understood that it was not for me: on social media I used to go there just to make healthy gossip, I had no skills and let’s remember well I wanted to be an educator!

That same evening I was invited to see a closed group of facebook, where I read so many stories of women, of mothers, who, using network marketing, succeeded in being professionally realized.

The idea that I don’t have to choose whether to be a career woman or a mother, but I can have both, starts to make its way in me.

The first vision when I got it? The same tonight I opened the new business code.

I was in bed with my husband, the children had just fallen asleep and I decided to do my first post. I choose a tree-lined avenue and I write that I have decided to start a new journey , asking if someone wanted to keep me company on this journey.

Wow, after a few minutes the first comment arrives, following the strategy scripts (which I had started studying) and with the help of my upline, I started to invoice, that is, I’ll explain it better: I started making money, using my smartphone , relaxing, optimizing the “cazzeggiano” time, transforming it into profit.

With commitment and perseverance I have strengthened my Network Marketing activity, making it become more and more solid. As I grew older I managed to let go of all my work one at a time, because I couldn’t afford to touch the bottom again.

From that moment 3 and a half years have passed , the most intense, wonderful and happy of my life.

Today I am leading a team of women who, like me, have let themselves be inspired by my story as an entrepreneur.